Kitchen Remedies For A Variety Of Ailments

These assorted home remedies are cheap, easy and can do no harm; furthermore, many are sworn to work well. A few, as you will see, have already been referenced in earlier articles.

Home cures you can make with what’s in your kitchen

examples include:

  • Burns: To soothe burns, dab pure vanilla extract onto a cooking burn to keep it from blistering.
  • Car or air sickness: Sucking on a wedge of lemon will make you feel
    better. But do rinse your mouth afterwards, as lemon corrodes tooth
  • Upset stomach: Drink two teaspoons 
  • Mosquito bites: Dab toothpaste
    over your mosquito bites. Make sure the bite is covered completely, and
    leave it covered for half an hour before washing the toothpaste off in
    water. Repeat daily until the bite is cider vinegar in 1 cup water.


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