The Facts On Cow Tipping

According to Hollywood, “cow tipping” is a popular pastime among bored (and inebriated) Midwestern teens.

Is it really possible to tip a cow?

Tipping a cow would actually take a lot more force than a couple of sloshed jocks could generate. Specifically, it would require 4.43 people to push the
cow’s center of mass past the point of no return.

That’s a shame, I have actually always wanted to go cowtipping. Find out more here.


2 thoughts on “The Facts On Cow Tipping

  1. I hadn’t heard of cow tipping until my sister blogged it, the craze has not made The Guardian’s news pages yet) but I have tipped a few cows in my time. Well if the food is good does it matter if the waitress is surly and incompetent?

    I’m afraid cow tipping does not begin to compare with the old Lancashire pastime of hedgehog nutting. This sport was usually played by coal miners crawling home from the pub on Saturday nights.

  2. It is possible to single handedly tip a cow.

    What you do is you run in circles around the cow, while you friends flash lights all around the cow, disorienting the cow, then body checking it’s side with it’s moving in circles…



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